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The Difference is in the Name

In today’s construction industry, everyone promises quality construction, delivered on time and within budget. So, what makes our company different? Our founder, Harvey Honore’, Jr.

Harvey grew up on his grandfather’s ranch in South Baton Rouge when the area around Airline Highway and Highland Road was nothing more than pastures and woodlands. He bailed hay, tended cattle and horses, and developed an appreciation for hands-on, hard work. As he grew older, he also learned about the family construction business from his father, Harvey, Sr. The elder Honore’ started the business in 1957 with the ultimate goal of improving the community by building a construction company from the ground up based on faith, trust and hard work. The company’s reputation for quality work and superior construction service grew and after his father’s passing, Harvey Honore’ Jr. decided to carry on this legacy by forming Harvey Honore’ Enterprises (HHE) in 1998.


Attention to Detail
Harvey Honor Enterprises completed three seperate projects for Turner Industries Group. The professionalism, attention to detail, craftmanship & team effort has lead to very successful projects for our company.

Thomas Turner Turner Industries Group

Used for Many Projects
We have used Harvey Honore' Enterprises for many different projects over the years. Two of the most recent jobs they completed are the Gerry Lane Hummer-SAAB and Saturn of Baton Rouge buildings. Every detail was handled and first class craftsmanship made these stores the ptototype that General Motors executives come in to show to other potential dealers. The experiences we have had with Harvey Honore' and his crew are always professional and courteous.

Sandra Lane Gerry Lane Enterprises

Today, the team at Harvey Honore’ Enterprises brings the same ethics of hard work and commitment to every job they undertake. Harvey’s hands-on leadership sets the standard for his staff’s impeccable service and desire to get the job done regardless of what it takes.

Over the years, our strong foundation and principles have created excellent client relationships, which are imperative in the construction industry. Harvey Honore’ Enterprises has constructed projects ranging from small interior renovations to large multi-million dollar design-build projects. We take pride in being a leader in the commercial construction industry and, like many of our competitors, work diligently to meet client expectations, and deliver quality construction on time and within budget. However, the difference between them and us? The level of commitment that accompanies the Harvey Honore’ name.